Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday in the Garden

I've been puting around my garden this morning, checking on my plants.
 I've always been fascinated with herbal medicine and native wildlife, 
so I try to grow as many medicinal and native plants in the yard as I can.
 Yerba Buena - Satureja douglasii
Unfortunately my Yerba Buena looks a little sad. :(
I think he might need less water, and room to spread around.
Before the conquest, many Mexican dishes that now call for cilantro originally used a wild mint, like this one. It's antibacterial and great for tummy aches, just like European mints.

 White Sage - Salvia apiana
This is the kind used by many indigenous people as a sacred smudge. It's also wonderfully anti-bacterial and makes a great disinfectant. You can treat pink eye with it!!

           I LOVE my new boots. 
Impractical for gardening?

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